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Active - Supports Healthy Metabolism And Energy Levels

Product Description

Life - the feeling of being alive - is about being active. Metabolism is the way your body converts nutrition to energy so that you can be optimally active every day. Your body regulates your metabolism throughout the day (and night). However, the vagaries of our modern diet and lifestyle tend to push our metabolism off balance. Often we feel sluggish during the day, and sometimes we stay up during the night. Unable to burn calories effectively, we tend to put on weight, and increased inflammation makes it worse. 1Balance Active is our custom formula of hand-picked Ayurvedic herbs that gently and effectively supports healthy metabolism every day. The herbs in Digest are known to help regulate your metabolism and energy levels and also support other core health functions that have a direct or indirect impact on your metabolism - sleep, mental wellbeing, digestion, and immune function.


1Balance Difference

It’s Safe - Every single ingredient used in our products is sourced from Sustainable & Organic farms in India and assembled in GMP certified units. With 1Balance, you can be sure that you’re in safe hands.

It’s Natural - All ingredients used in our supplements are 100% Natural, Whole, and Organic, bringing to you the rich, unsullied benefits of Ayurvedic herbs.

It’s Gentle – Our products don’t use ‘herbal extracts’ that the body doesn’t recognize but are made with Whole herbs that are closest to food - something that the body understands well.

It’s Holistic – Our products work on your whole body and not just on specific parts, restoring the balance it needs to function at full steam. And the positive effects that follow aren’t cosmetic, but come from deep within.



Ashwagandha, Cardamom, Guduchi, Holy basil, Nutmeg,Vidanga, Amalaki, Bibhitaki, Haritaki




Suggested Use

Take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 in the evening after food, or as directed by your general physician.

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Our Commitment

Our promise is to use high-quality ingredients along with providing you the right information/latest research. All our products are made in India using ingredients, sourced from responsible farms and forest cultivations.